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Berner Brew started with a family trip to Ireland where we found an amazing hard cider that was semi sweet and made with locally grown apples. It wasn't until we returned home that we realized how bad our local hard cider choices were. Almost all the major manufacturers were using apple concentrate to create their apples and as a result, diluting the natural flavor of the cider considerably. As time went by we began experimenting with our own hard cider recipes trying to balance out the flavors and achieve a taste one could never forget. After many failures we finally created a delicious blend of semi-sweet cider created from apples grown and processed right here in Maryland. Our logo features two predominant components, the Maryland flag and our mascot a bernese mountain dog. Here at Berner Brew we take great pride in three things, our state of Maryland, our own bernese mountain dogs and our delicious hard cider. It is our goal to provide our customers with the highest quality hard cider made from fresh locally grown apples that we can. If our hard cider doesn't live up to our expections we will stop at nothing to make sure that it does.

Our Berners


Here at Berner Brew we take great pride in our favorite breed of dog. While we like other breeds, nothing can match the intelligent, loyal, affectionate, faithful and all around goofballs that are the breed of Bernese Mountain Dogs. Our family currently owns five of our own berners that we love to the point they get a little annoyed... bernese mountain dogs are incredibly patient and friendly. Berner Brew is more than just a hard cider company, we aim to connect berner owners world wide and celebrate such an awesome breed of dog. With any purchase of our products or apparel Berner Brew will be donating to an organization dedicated to helping berners in need. We would do anything to ensure our own berners live a long and healthy life and hope that through these funds we can help other berners live longer healthier lives as well. If you haven't already check out our Berner of the Month page to see an awesome dog that we have chosen as this month favorite berners. While there check out the Our Favorite Berners page to see a list of all of our Berners of the Month as well as our families own berners. 

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