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Berner of the Month July 2021

July 2021 marks the first month Berner Brew will be showing off our pick for Berner of the Month! This month there were not very many entrees due to short notice and lack of advertising but the competition was close. We realize how much everyone who entered wanted their beloved friend to be featured this month but there can be only one winner. If your favorite berner did not win this month's Berner of the Month don't feel bad! Your dog will be automatically enrolled in next months contest!

Now with the introduction out of the way we are proud to announce the Berner of the Month for the month of July is....... Toblerone!!!!! This young berner 12 week old is named after the popular Swiss chocolate Toblerone. This young guy loves to chew on toys, play(annoy) with his housemates and recently discovered that he loves pup cups! For those that don't know pup cups are just whipped cream in a small cup. We wish the best of luck to this younger berner and send our thanks for being the awesome dog that he is! Toblerone will receive his Berner of the Month bandana as soon as we can get it out to him!

Recently Toblerone's best friend Remington passed away at the age of 4 1/2 years old. To honor his memory we are creating a special Honorary Berner of the Month bandana specifically for Remington. A short life but a happy one, rest in peace buddy we will all miss you.

If you would like to have your berner up for Berner of the Month please send us an email at now! We are always looking for new applicants and enjoy seeing all the happy dogs that come our way. With your submission please remember to include their NAME, their AGE, their siblings name & ages if they have them, their favorite activity and any other information you would like us to share! Please remember to also include a mailing address with your submission so that we can send them their bandanas!

We here at Berner Brew appreciate the support from our fellow berner owners and fellow cider lovers. Stay tuned to our Instagram, Facebook and Twitter pages to keep up with our latest information and find out who the next Berner of the Month will be!

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